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13th Mar 2014

Now that I've played both the beta and the full release awhile and most of the clan will just be getting it tonight I thought I would post some observations I've made that have helped me improve my game and adjust to Titanfall as it plays very differently from COD.

First, and I know you have probably read this, but get up! Especially on the outsides of the map. Get as high as you can as quickly as you can and patrol that area. Once you get the silencer you will be near invisible because no one will look that high. I get good streaks going this way, and whenever I end up fighting on ground level I die fairly soon after.

Second, use your abilities. Don't save them, they refill fairly quickly (there is an audible cue when it refills). The cloaking ability is by far my favorite and I use it shortly after it refills every time. Same with burn cards. You will fill up on them really quickly and miss some rare cards because you aren't using the common ones. For instance if you use a certain gun a lot you will get a bunch of cards for amped versions of that weapon. Burn those cards often.

Third, play the variety mode for the first two hours to really get a feel for the different modes and how to play the game. There are only 5, but they all play different than others
 - Attrition is like TDM, but you get 1 point for NPCs, 4 for pilots, and 5 for Titans. First to 250 wins. This game mode goes REALLY quickly, often only calling in one or two titans. Good game mode to start as everything gives you points.
 - Pilot Hunter is the most like TDM, as only kills against enemy pilots count. This is the mode I play the most. Killing grunts and such helps take time off your titan, and killing titans does the same, but only pilots count towards the score. Both Attrition and Pilot Hunter it is far better to pick a high vantage point and killing anything that moves, going invisible when you start firing at someone.
 - Last Titan Standing is a ton of fun and will help you learn titan tactics fast. Everyone starts in a titan and you lose if all Titans are lost. You can still fight as a pilot and take out titans after yours dies. As a pilot try and get somewhere with lots of cover and take out or rodeo enemy titans don't stay out in the open
 - CTF been awhile since I played CTF in a game! You can carry, return, etc the flag in your titan (Though you can rarely if ever get the flag originally with your titan, or cap). This mode is all about finding the secret passages and moving quickly. Don't worry about getting vertical as much unless you are defending. I find it easier to cap as a pilot just dropping in my titan when available and having it follow me around. You can jump in it to cross open areas then pop out on top of another building across the way.
 - Hardpoint is Dom and kind of combines the strategy of Pilot Hunter and CTF. Get up high on defense, but when you go to cap there will usually be one or two guys inside there so be ready. Titans set on guard are a big help.

Watch for turrets and hack them. Big help against enemy titans. You can jump out of your titan in Last Titan Standing.

The AR is probably my favorite so far, though it feels like it takes a full clip to kill anyone. Been using the burst rifle I just unlocked and it is great at range. The smart pistol is fun on small maps but I can never get the lock on to work for some reason. Shotgun is great on Dom for defending or capping. You will want to get a feel for the weapons and how to use them as you will want different loadouts for different game modes. Just one loadout doesn't work nearly as well as it did in COD.

Anti-titan weapons so far the Sidewinder is my favorite. The magnetic grenade launcher is good too. Not a fan of the rocket launcher. Titan weapons I stick with the chaingun. The others are decent but I can't do nearly the damage with them I feel I can the chaingun. Love the missles that lock on, though the ones I just unlocked that leave an area of explosiveness are good. I use the electric cloud titan ability at first, but the shield wall thing is great. Allows you to block enemy attacks for a bit while you can shoot through it. Drop it at the start of combat, unload on the enemy, dash to the side, reload, and come at them again. Nuke and Auto-eject are the only ones of those I've tried, they work well for me.

Getting used to moving around is quick to learn, but there are some things I picked up that I didn't realize at first. Double jumping can be done again any time you land or touch something. Meaning you can double jump, run along a wall, double jump to a higher wall and run along it, then double jump to a roof. Also to climb straight up something you can stick to the wall (hold left trigger) and double jump again. You would be amazed some of the places you can get to. It really feels like you are breaking the game sometimes because you have no business being there in any other game.

Last, love listening to the game on the Turtlebeaches! Game sounds great!
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Forum » Titanfall » Gameplay / Tactics Discussions
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