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Epic wins / Epic fails
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Joined: 21st Jan 2014
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22nd Jan 2014

I think everyone is in agreement that Ghosts is a frustrating play at times.  That is why I thought it’d be good for us to share those moments that make us laugh or make us punch the air ‘Breakfast Club’ style in joy whilst playing the game.
As I suggested it, I’ll go first.  Both mine are quality final killcam moments.
Epic win:
Playing Stonehaven, I ran along the path on the side of the map, coming out of the left hand side of the castle.  I ran around the corner by the building people camp in and came face to face with an opponent.
Like a noob, I panicked fired and missed him completely as he dropped to his knees, only for me to headshot a guy I’d not even seen who was running behind the tractor in the distance.  Great laughter in the killcam with one guy appearing to drop to his knees to pleasure me whilst I kill his mate.
Epic fail:
Playing Freight, the score was incredibly close when I completed a field order.  Hoping to get this quickly and this be something to push us over the line, I popped the smoke and waited for it to land.
That is when I learnt that if the crate lands on you, you die…..  brilliant final killcam though!
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Joined: 21st Jan 2014
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29th Jan 2014

This counts as at least an epic fail for the other guy, can't claim it as an epic win for me as I didn't do anything, but it was hilarious either way. On fog and I see an enemy care package drop near by. I run for it hoping to hijack it but the guy got it and bam here comes M.M. and I get a knife to the face. I respawn and earn 350 points 2 seconds later and a payback because the guy proceeded to fall into the bottomless pit right after killing me. Hopefully it was his first time getting that as well to ice the cake!
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Forum » Ghosts » General Discussion
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