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Titanfall discussion
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Joined: 21st Jan 2014
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19th Feb 2014

So I absolutely love the game. Definitely a learning curve (or unlearning) as you have to adjust to the way things works. I love the openness of the maps. At first I was a bit bummed by the AI on the grunts, but now I see why they do it that way and it works. The burn cards are an awesome idea. I can't wait to see more maps, weapons, game modes, etc. After reading there will be wildlife running around that will either be passive until attacked or kill you just for looking at it I am excited to see how that works out. So far my favorite gun is the AR with the holographic scope. I really hope they come out with more customization of looks and camos for guns. I would also like more esoteric challenges. The ones they have in the beta are all just the get X kills with this or spend this much time doing that. Would like to see stuff like the first class challenges in ghosts.

The most fun thing in the game right now for me is rodeoing titans. This leads to some really interesting gun fights. You jump up, start shooting, and then you can tell the pilot is ejecting to shoot you off, so you jump off too. Had one fight where I kept jumping on the titan, get a few shots, jump off and hide, guy would jump back in and I was right behind him killing the titan some more. Did this three times before I finally killed him as he was jumping back in his titan, got on it and murdered it, too.

What about you guys who have played the beta? And for those who don't have the One and didn't get to check it out.... All I can say is the One and Titanfall are worth every penny and I have no regrets for buying it. I really hope the 360 version comes out the same and not a bad copy of the game!
Joined: 21st Jan 2014
Rank: LT. Commander
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19th Feb 2014

titanfall is the reason why I bought an xbox one, the game is excellent, I haven't been on the beta as much as I would have liked but from what I've played its everything I hoped it would be.
the only problem I'm going to have is that ghosts will probably take a back seat.

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Forum » Ghosts » General Discussion
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