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Upgrade Site to Premium? Vote?
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Joined: 21st Jan 2014
Rank: Commander
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27th Feb 2014

Hi Guys,
Just some food for thought but thinking of upgrading the clan forum to a premium service.
Would mean between us we would have to raise £10 per month but I think this is easily achievable with the amount of guys we have here.
We currently have 30 members, so would only need everyone to donate 34p per month!
I for one would be happy to chuck £2 per month in, so if you guys would be happy to put in 28p per month then we can do this!

I have donated £2 today as you can see over on the right.
I will set up new ranks for all donators so it’s clear you have made a donation and will offer other added benefits.
The advantages of going premium:
- No Ads
- Server storage for everyone to use
-Match Reports (so we can organize competitive matches and keep stats)
-Added functionality on site with more widgets and pages
- Newsletters
-Premium themes to make the site look better
- Tournament Manager (thought we could also use this for internal tournaments against each other, 2v2 etc)
- Deep theme customization to remove all iClan reference and make look like our own
- Email reminders when members haven’t signed on for a while
- A shop (not sure we would use this but hey ho)
- An infraction system
At the moment clan wars run every fortnight.
I think on the week off from clan wars it would be fun to hold internal competitions.
Just as an example pair everybody up and have a 2 vs 2 S&D tournament etc.
What do you guys think?
Joined: 21st Jan 2014
Rank: Officer
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27th Feb 2014

We need a shop, the demand for soon to be created range of 'I love Haps' nightwear will soon cover the cost of an upgraded website.

I'm happy to chuck some money in when I get home tonight. If nothing else, it would be good try it for a month just to see if the benefits are worth it!
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