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Xbox One update March 4th info
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Joined: 21st Jan 2014
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28th Feb 2014

This is all the info pulled from the update beta. I believe they did a beta this time because the last update released a week late and they want to be SURE everything is working amazingly for titanfall. Which helps those of us getting that game AND will make the next war run smoother as far as party and chat go! I feel like, in a sense, the Xbox One was released unfinished as they have to keep doing updates to put in features it was supposed to ship with. That being said, I love it and the future of this system is amazing. Looking forward 4-5 years I believe the PS4 and Xbox One will be totally different machines. While Sony took the safe "gamer" route, that is all there is to their machine. The potential for the Xbox One as not just a gaming machine but an amazing and necessary part of future home entertainment systems is astounding. There is a reason they are forcing everyone to have the kinect and the things they will do with it are crazy! Also, the main reason I bought a One so early in it's life cycle (other than Titanfall) is that I had an old school original 360 with the 20gb HD. Looking at the new 360's and how much they have changed should show you what I am talking about for the potential of this new system! Anyhow, on to the update notes: ... wthread.php?t=776078

From Marc Whitten

  • We won't have friends online notifications in March. Want to get it just right. Next update ... s/439456583328608256


QuoteNew build starting to roll out: xb_rel_1403.140225-2200!

A new update is going to start rolling out. There are a few fixes in this build, including some for issues discovered by the update preview community:
  • Fix for sign-in failing that requires system restart
  • IE and Bing not launching in non-English locales
  • Controller firmware not updating with chat headset plugged in
  • Messages are too easy to delete by accident since the Delete button is highlighted by default when opening a message (instead of Close button) ... s/x...t/1697952.aspx

General changes
  • Option to disable Kinect hand gestures while watching a video
  • Kinect gesture and voice command tutorials are in the Kinect settings menu
  • Ability to choose the value by which volume increases or decreases when using the “Xbox, Volume Up” or Xbox, Volume Down” voice commands
  • Optical audio is now supported
  • NOTE – Some users are currently experiencing issues with this feature
  • "Resume Games Quickly" is no longer in Beta, the Beta label in settings has been removed
Twitch App
  • Twitch streaming via an Xbox One will be enabled in this update
  • The “Xbox, Broadcast” voice command will begin a Twitch streaming session
  • NOTE – using this command during the early access period will only start the Twitch app
  • As before, you will be able to view Twitch streams that are being broadcasted from other systems i.e. PS4, PC, etc.
  • Chat is now enabled
  • - Name color and emoticons included
  • Viewers can send party invites to Broadcasters
  • - Broadcasters, in turn, can send invites to viewers in the Chat
  • Ability to broadcast a full-screen view of the game you're playing or use an on-screen viewer indicator to keep an eye on how popular your live broadcast is
  • Ability to archive broadcasts
  • Ability to set up a notification for when a Favorite begins a broadcast
  • Earn unique Media Achievements
  • Xbox moderators will be keeping an eye out for abuse of the Twitch app and have the ability to temporarily or permanently ban players. They can also remove their ability to broadcast over Twitch, without banning them*
Party App
  • Ability to see what games/apps your party members are using if they are not in the same game as you
  • “Turn Party Chat On” is turned on by default
  • Option to send someone a Party invite, Game invite, or Party & Game invite
  • Option to invite Party to Game
Friends App
  • On the Dashboard, the Friends App will cycle through the number of friends, favorites, and broadcasters who are currently online
  • Friends are listed by whoever is currently online
  • People who are listed as Favorites will show up first and will have a star on the top right side of their gamerpic
  • An icon in the upper corner of someone's name within your followers list will show you if you are following them back yet or not. If the icon appears then you are following them back
  • Ability to see Recent Players
  • Find Someone is on the top level page
  • New Menu button options
  • - Send message
  • - Invite to Party
  • - Compare games
  • - Find someone
  • - People I’ve blocked
  • New Profile page options allow you to send game and party invites
Xbox One Controller Update
  • This is a firmware patch that will allow the Xbox One Headset Adapter to work with your Xbox One Controller
  • NOTE – If you already have an Xbox One Headset Adapter, install this update so that you can use it with your compatible headset
  • A micro-USB cable is needed in order to install this update

Video Links
March Update: Party and Friends
Twitch Broadcasting On Xbox One

Article Links
* Polygon - Twitch on the rise o ... ure of PS4 streaming
Joined: 21st Jan 2014
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1st Mar 2014

Good info Jon
Joined: 21st Jan 2014
Rank: Officer
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1st Mar 2014

Oh yeah, PS4 is a beast. Any Sony system is going to be crazy good for games. But it is not going to end up doing what the One is heading for. Next generation Sony is going to be playing catch up. I'm not a fan boy, I've owned all the systems. It's where microsoft is going with the kinect and everything else they are doing with the One that is so exciting. Forget the gaming, It's like how Wii comes out with the motion controls and everyone loses their potato. It revitalizes Nintendo, becomes a world wide hit, and Sony rushes to cash in with the sixaxis controller. What does Microsoft do? Forget the controller, lets use our hands! The One will be way more than a gaming machine but still be able to play games just as well as the PS4. It's built for it, and Sony's machine isn't. I just read an interview with the creator of DayZ who said he couldn't talk about anything, but he was super excited about what's coming for the Xbox One. I guess MS brought him in to sell him on working on their console and let him in on some of the stuff coming down the road and their future plans and he loves it and can't wait for us to hear it. I also really like that MS is playing it close and making sure stuff works before telling us this stuff is coming. They have a long game plan and clearly know what they are doing, are willing to take a loss right now in the "console wars" by not taking the kinect out, etc. because they know where they are going to be taking us in the next few years.
Joined: 21st Jan 2014
Rank: Commander
Likes 25
1st Mar 2014

Ebi, you still got the PS4?
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