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Clan strategy for war 3/5
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4th Mar 2014

Ok guys, time for the next war! Hopefully we will be in platinum. Beachhead finally came out and said you move up by placing first (Which technically we did? Top three count as first?) but that you can also move up based on how you played the war. I think either way we should have gotten in. Here is the strategy and how Ash and I feel we can best assure we win! I have posted a bit of this before after the last war, so apologies for redundancies.

Our main goal is going to be capping, holding, and making unattractive three nodes. These will be the nodes we can take the fastest. Making unattractive basically means keeping the number of wins needed to unlock the node so high that no one will bother taking them. If we succeed in doing this we will get a huge amount of points by the end of the war just from holding those three nodes. The nodes we hold aren't set in stone. If one gets taken while we are sleeping, then we take another and hold it. The point is to have 3 main nodes we consider "ours".

Once we have our 3 nodes we play those nodes until they are maxed out. I think it lets you get up to 15 or 20 wins over the cap, so if the node takes 80 to cap we can have it up to 100 to unlock. The only time anyone should be playing any node other than one of our 3 is if something is unlocked or all of our main nodes are fully capped to the max. Then listen to whichever officer is on, they should know which node to switch to. When a node unlocks everyone jumps on it and tries to take it.

If properly done, this is what should happen. We take 3 nodes off the playing field, racking up 3 points an hour for every hour of the war. While we have that, the other 5? 7? nodes are being played by the other clans. As soon as they put in all the work to unlock a node BAM we switch over to it, cap it quick, get the points for the cap and piss off and demoralize the other clans. Honestly, if we can get a big enough lead and get them to stop playing 3 days in... 

So to summarize here is what you should be doing during the war

Check the app and forums to see what we are up to, which nodes to attack, which we are holding, etc. (App and forum use are key!) When you get on, ask in clan chat if anyone has a group going. Also check who is on in the clan. If you press Y and go all the way to the right it brings up the clan roster and you can see who is playing. Join their group. If no one is on, play any of our main nodes you feel like. Otherwise, your party leader or officers will direct you to a game.

Final note, while having a mic isn't required it makes winning much easier if everyone has one and is calling things out. I very rarely use the headset when not participating in the war, but when I am in a game during the war I always use it. Calling out enemy locations is key, especially in hardcore!
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Forum » Ghosts » Clan War Discussions
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