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Clan War - 5th March - Rosters
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5th Mar 2014

Hi Guys,

We are now at the stage where the activity level is so high that there are more than 6 people on which should definitely be the case with the Clan War.

Ideally we need to know who will be partying with who in advance to avoid wasting time tonight.

So I want a list of who will be on for the start of the Clan War for each console.The War starts at 8PM UK Time.

We now have 7 members for Xbox One who will be on at the start.
Only 6 can be in a lobby so will be first come first served and once lobby one is full, any remaining players can start a new lobby.

I will be on around 9.30ish on XB1 and will organize the second lobby.

Post a message before if you can make the start and which console you will be playing on.
I will edit this original message so everyone can see at the start of this topic who will be online:

Xbox One Lobby 1 (8pm start UK Time)

Haps81 (LT)
HypocriticalOX (Officer)
EOG Wolfy

Xbox One Lobby 2 (9.30pm start UK time)

A5hman 87
Sean HE2

Xbox 360 (8pm start UK time)
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Last Edit: 5th Mar 2014 by A5hman 87
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5th Mar 2014

Daking and Jake have also confirmed they will be on at the start

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The Beast sees all......

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5th Mar 2014

Man, two teams damn near at the start of the war? That's awesome!
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