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26th Apr 2014

Since they have put Drop Zone into this Bronze - Platinum war and there is a possibility they will be putting it on diamond either tonight or in the future I wanted to take a minute to give you all a good set up for this mode as well as some info for those who have never played it.

For your class I recommend an SMG or AR, C4 is probably the best lethal but grenades, semtex, or canister bombs can still work if you vastly prefer one of those. Trophy for tactical is a must as well. For your perks you should run danger close, blast shield, strong arm, and blind eye. Don't worry about choosing assault, support, or specialist as those aren't used.

As for the mode itself. Basically there is a drop zone of red smoke that moves around the map every minute to one of 5 or 6 random locations. If you have team members in the smoke the icon turns blue, we earn points, and care packages start coming in. These can be anything from sat coms to a loki. I have seen games where there was always a hind in the air, and others where on never appears, it just depends on the dice. Spawns in this mode are crazy so there is no way to predict where the enemy is coming from.

The easiest way to think of it is the zone being a circle. For everyone inside the circle we get 20 points a tick. One person is 20 a tick, 5 would be 100 a tick, etc. So there are always people inside the circle, throw your lethal in there as you approach. You will get a lot of multi-kills this way. You have to watch out for people sitting around the outside watching the circle. In that sense it is a lot like Dom with only one flag. People are either trying to cap or kill. To win and win quickly we need everyone to get in that circle and stay there as long as possible. Look at your map and see which direction everyone else is facing and cover a different entrance or window and try not to get blown up. This is why blind eye, blast shield, and trophies are so important.

Kevin and I play this game mode a lot as it is great for earning patches so I've asked him to post some of his tips and thoughts as well. Hopefully this mode won't be in the war as it can go south quickly due to luck and we can't control always getting a win as we do on TDM etc. Just in case though, be ready guys!!
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26th Apr 2014

Jon put excellent tips here. I don't think there is more to add. Explosives are used a lot and trophies could save lives. Also it's important to get to the zones as soon as you can to start getting points. If you see old care packages lying around, unless you think they can actually help (ie battle hinds, he lo pilots, etc), don't waste your time. Wins come through people in the zones, not kills. Good luck, guys!

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Forum » Ghosts » Clan War Discussions
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