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How to play clan wars!
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Joined: 21st Jan 2014
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29th Jan 2014

Some of you have never participated in clan wars before, or haven't with us as a clan. The most important thing is to have fun. Check the app for what game modes are being used as nodes this time around. As long as you are playing one of those modes you are contributing to the war, even if it is just by yourself. If you only want to play TDM, feel free. Don't feel you HAVE to play other game modes. That being said, there are usually groups of us on the 360 and One who just try and cap nodes. We have a lot of skilled players in these groups and we usually rack up wins fairly quickly. Feel free to join these groups. Send out friend requests to fellow clan members or just look and see which members are online at the moment.

If you are wondering which node to attack next we usually announce that over the app. Personally I keep the app open pretty much the entire war (when it works!).

A little advice for those who may be worried about not being good enough. Don't worry! We don't judge on skill level. Every single person on a winning team gets us points no matter how much they contribute. I am not all that great a player. I have runs of brilliance followed by runs of horribleness, but I have taken nodes all by myself just by persistently finding winning matches to attach myself to. If I am having a bad game in a mode like TDM, KC, and Cranked I will hang back and try and minimize the deaths I am racking up. You really can't have a bad game in the objective modes as long as you play the objectives. Many games I have gone 10-40ish but been in first or second place on the leaderboards because of the number of caps or points I scored.

Just do your best and have fun guys! In 6 days we'll be rocking our first body count armor!
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Joined: 21st Jan 2014
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29th Jan 2014

Thanks hypo! A good summary answering those questions no newby wants to ask!

This will be the first war I've really paid attention too (I joined during the last one, so my stuff didn't count). I'm aware I have decent stats but I've really not played much objective based stuff where these can take a big hit in going for wins, so look forward to throwing myself into fire!!

I would say I'm more a TDM, KC specialist at the moment, but am ready and willing to jump into any game type needed; any clan members I play with, feel free to let me know if I'm doing something stupid!!

Bring it on!

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Forum » Ghosts » Clan War Discussions
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