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28th Apr 2014

Hey everyone! First off, congrats on all the new swag! And thanks to everyone who was able to join in and play this weekend.

Adam, Ash and I have been talking this morning and we are going to make a few changes to how we do things. We are all for having fun and playing around but the war must be taken equally seriously by all members. Much like this war just past, I will be posting a sign up sheet. It is every members responsibility to post on there when you will be on. Just saying it in clan chat is not going to be enough. If you have not signed up by roster lock and can't commit to at LEAST 4 hours of play time (that is one full day or two hours each day) you will be kicked during the war and invited back before the end so hopefully you will get rewarded. 

Once you have committed to the time, it is your responsibility to let us know if you are not going to be able to make it. There is no excuse with the hangout we use not to pop in there and let us know you won't be able to fulfill your commitment. Anyone who has signed up and doesn't show without letting us know before hand will get a warning and if it happens again will be kicked. Same with leaving abruptly during the war without a good reason (a good reason being house on fire, baby choking, getting robbed, etc. not going to the pub or playing fifa, etc.). To clarify, you may feel free to eat as long as a) you do it while you play, b) it doesn't cause your game play to suffer and c) you mute your mic so we don't have to listen to you chew.

This same communication goes for if you are running late. Teams will be posted before the war starts sometime after roster lock when we know who will be on. Your team captain will say what time he will be forming the teams. So if haps says he is sending invites at 30 minutes before war start everyone on his team needs to be on then or let him know when they will be on. If you don't you will be considered late.

Basically at the end of each war "management" evaluates how the war went, who contributed, and who didn't. If at any time after a war it is felt that someone held us back more than contributed steps will be taken. Either with a chat or being kicked.

Basically, we take the wars seriously. This is why you are expected to be serious during them, not joking around like we normally do. To give two examples just from this war, personally I gave up at least a 60 dollar shift so I could play on Sunday. Kevin was sick as a dog and even though we didn't need him and he was told he could sit out, he felt a personal obligation to do everything he could and stayed on as long as he could. This is the type of seriousness we are looking for during the war. When some members are willing to sacrifice for the group and then others treat it lackadaisically it can be very frustrating. We had a supremely easy ride this time, but the next one we won't be so lucky.

In the end, we enjoy having you all in the clan and would be more than willing to play with all of you in general, but you must extend the common courtesy of allowing us to plan for the wars to remain in the clan as this is what the clan is for. Thanks again to everyone for their contributions up to this point and for all future wars! Looking forward to the next one, guys!

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Forum » Ghosts » Clan War Discussions
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