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Potential strategy for next war
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Joined: 21st Jan 2014
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23rd Feb 2014

This all hinges on getting a great start to the war, meaning at least two teams of 6 going for Wednesday until we can cap three nodes. Doesn't matter which ones, as long as it's three. Make them popular ones, whatever. Once we have those nodes, we keep them. We max out the number of wins we can get on them and make them extremely unattractive. The way it is scored now, with one point an hour, if we can hold those nodes the entire war each one will net us around 130 cp. This also takes 3 nodes out of competition for every other clan. Now what we do the rest of the war is whenever a node unlocks we hit it hard and cap it. Just cap it, don't go over. Get the points and move on. To another open node or back to our main 3 nodes. This way we keep getting our score up every time a new node is available, but we keep our steady stream of points coming in, and we aren't wasting time trying to unlock a node. Just hit everything that opens with everything we have. We are assured 400 cp just from our main nodes, plus every single other node we cap on the side gets us another 20 points at least. I'm thinking 600 points is easily doable with this system. We would still need to stay active, and everyone would have to be on the same page to attack those open nodes, but it leaves little to chance. If we get enough active players we could take and hold 4, maybe even 5 nodes the whole game.
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Joined: 21st Jan 2014
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23rd Feb 2014

Sounds like an interesting idea. I noticed this war that Blitz has been held by the same clan from the start, it's constantly at the max number required and we've not even considered going for it, which suggests your logic stacks up about it being unattractive. Personally, I think we should make sure one of the nodes we look to retain is one of the lesser played formats, as it's less likely we'll get a drip drip lowering due to causal play.

That clan holding blitz are looking like finishing third, despite barely capping any other nodes. So, if we could manage a combo of holding onto 2 or three nodes, plus then moving to cap a node once some other clan has wasted time unlocking it (then letting those ones open again, just to recap), again sounds good.

This strikes me as the best iea we've had yet, but it does all depend on hitting it hard as soon as the war opens. This is where we really need to be better, we have always been chasing this war, which is not as easy.
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Forum » Ghosts » Clan War Discussions
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