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Some thoughts on strategy
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31st Jan 2014

Was just thinking about those first couple of hours of the clan war. Originally in how screwed it was, once those first nodes got capped it was pretty much over. The points for them haven't increased a bit. This was a terribly thought out scoring system. But then I got to thinking about what actually happened. It took me 15 minutes to even get into the app to see which nodes we needed to work on, the points, etc. Somehow there were three nodes already just about capped or with at least 20-40 wins. In 15 minutes. That means either cheating or a lot or people playing at once. I believe it was the latter. When we started on TDM I think the highest clan was at 12 wins, and it wasn't one of the power clans we were playing against. We had a full group of 6 most of the time and we quickly got 40 points. This was when TheDisBetUs switched to TDM, they even stopped working on the nodes they were still in the process of taking. They all ganged up on us. I believe they had at least 3 groups of 5. They very quickly caught up to us. I believe at this point they left one of the groups on TDM to keep up with us, and the other two went back to their other nodes. Whenever we got a decent lead again because they lost a game or we had more people, they caught right back up because on of the other groups jumped back in. They just barely got it in the end, but they got it.

That is what we need to do. Especially if we want to go Diamond. We need that kind of coordination and communication. We need someone basically just watching the scores and telling us what to hit and how hard. We need teams with leaders who know how to manage their teams to maximum benefit. Say you have a good lead on another clan to take a node and you need 15 more points to take it. You have a group of 6. It would take three wins, and you'd end up with 3 bonus points. But wouldn't it be more intelligent to split into two groups of three at that point? 5 wins to take the first node, and the other team starts on a new node or helps another group. While team A gets 5 wins and 15 points to cap the node, team B possibly gets 5 or more wins in another game type, racking up 15 cp there at the same time. Then you merge back up and knock the second node out. Team leaders will need to know when to do this and also how to split the teams. I'm pretty sure this is what has happened to us this go around, not just a matter of them having more people playing at a given time.

Anyway, those are my thoughts.
Forum » Ghosts » Clan War Discussions
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