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8th Apr 2014

We learned a lot the last war. There are some strategies we can use to do a better job next time.

If we really want to win, as a clan, we need everyone to show up if at all possible. This is the same rule as previous wars before we went diamond. If you can't be on it's not a problem, but if you are on xbox during the time a war is on and not playing with us or not playing the appropriate objective... that's not acceptable.

If you can't show up for whatever reason, that is fine. But we need to know what's going on so we can plan. If you say you are going to be on and end up not being able to, please let us know. If you can't be on, let us know. It is common courtesy and the least you can do.

To better organize and coordinate it will be crucial that everyone who can gets on 30 minutes before the war starts so we can get into parties. Life will be much easier if we can balance parties so as to more easily and quickly win each game mode. If you are going to be late to the war it is understandable (again, let everyone know) but if you plan on being on at start please plan on being on early to coordinate.

During the four hour window we need to make sure we are optimizing our scoring. This means as few distractions as possible. In game chatter should be mostly reserved for call outs and strategy to win. Even if we have a nice lead, the faster we win, the faster we get into another game, the faster we cap, etc. As everyone who played last war can attest, every second, every kill, every cp counts. We will be making a separate clan hangout just for messages from the war and all party leaders will be expected to follow it.

Being prepared also means using the bathroom, eating, walking the dog or anything else that may mean getting up or losing a game. Of course unforeseen things happen but again, every second and point counts.

Things like there not being as many games available on xbox one as ps3 and ps4, the party system screwing us, etc. we can't control. All the above we can and should. I have a good feeling about this next war!
Forum » Ghosts » Clan War Discussions
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