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Expectations of new members during the war
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Joined: 21st Jan 2014
Rank: Officer
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25th Feb 2014

First off, welcome to the clan! We have a good group here and we are dedicated to doing the best we can in each war. The most common question new members have is how to best participate in each war, so I am here to break that down for you.

A little bit about how the war works. To really play you need the app. Once a war starts go to the clan wars page. You will see a bunch of nodes, each representing a different game type. These are constantly changing. If you tap a node it will bring up the individual nodes stats. How many capture points (CP) it is worth and how many CP are needed to take it. For instance, TDM may need 36 CP to cap it, and may be worth 22 points. Every member of the clan who plays TDM and gets a win it counts as one point for that node. Team of 5 and you win? it's 5 points. So a team of 6 playing TDM can cap it in 6 wins. Once a node is capped, every other clans score freezes until it is unlocked. This means bringing the node back down to 0. So if another clan caps TDM, it would take 36 wins to unlock and 36 more to cap it. If you already had, say, 20 wins scored before the points were frozen it would only take 16 wins to cap.

Each node has a different point value and requires a different amount of points to cap. This means you have to be strategic in which nodes to take, and when. Every hour a clan holds a node they get one extra point. Those points really add up over the course of the war. If you hold 3 nodes over night while everyone is sleeping, that can be an extra 20 or so points during that time. It is important to think about how quickly you can take a node, how many wins it needs, is it unlocked, etc? For instance, if you have two people playing and it takes 10 wins to unlock, say, HC TDM. It would take your team 5 wins to unlock it. Now it is open for every clan, and the question is can you take the node? Is your group going to commit to getting the wins to cap it? Or did you just unlock the node for another clan to easily take while hoping that someone else from the clan gets on to finish it off? It can get fairly complicated. Fortunately we have some great leadership who will let you know which node they think you should go for. One way you can tell is Ash will usually set a node as the primary objective. This may not always be up to date, though, so feel free to check clan chat for the most current objective.

So how can you best contribute, and what are we expecting you to do during the war? First of all, have fun. No one expects you to not have a life during this time. You don't have to be in the game every second you have free. If you are going to play ghosts, though, you need to be playing the current objective and teaming up with other clan members. LT's are expected to put together groups whenever they are on, but anyone can do it. Press Y to bring up your friends list and scroll over to the clan page to see who is on. Send out invites or a message to join.

Basically all we ask is that you contribute to the war when it is ongoing. This is the purpose to be in a ghosts clan, to win the wars. If you aren't going to contribute then there is no point for you to be in the clan other than to leach off everyone's hard work to get the body count and/or war cry camo, etc. This will not be allowed. It spits in the face of everyone who is working hard to get us our first place wins!

Look forward to playing with you in the next war! If you have any questions please post them or ask in clan chat! Again, Welcome to WRC!
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Joined: 21st Jan 2014
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26th Feb 2014

Thanks for taking the time to post this Jon.

Will sticky this for sure...
Forum » WRC General » New Members Area Locked
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