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Hello clan
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Joined: 21st Jan 2014
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21st Jan 2014

Morning / afternoon / evening

I'm Adam (can call me that or 'Haps' or 'Munders), 33, currently living in Norwich in the UK.  My Gamertag is 'admunday', playing on the 360.

I work 9-5 ish (I work until it's all done so don't be surprised if on occasions you see me online during the day!) GMT time, so usually game in the evenings.   Saturdays tend to be busy which lead to a write off of a Sunday morning, so there will be a number of weekends when I'm not around.

I've been gaming since Zork on the Commodore64, however this is the first online FPS I've bothered with, so am still working a few things out and experimenting lots with various degrees of success.  Up to now I mainly play TDM, prinicipally because it's the easiet format to run solo in (I now run about 2.2 KD in this format) and my previous clan was basically dormant.  It has been tough to work out what the heck is going on / what people are trying to achieve playing objective based games in pub matches where no-one shouts out.  I learnt quite a bit playing with a few clan guys last night, so look forward to continuing my education, if you'll forgive any nooby mistake I make.   Oh and I'll have to pick up a proper headset rather than the thing that came with the xbox, it was clear that communication was a little intermittent last night!!

Away from the game, I'm married (10 year anniversary in May, she's very patient re my gaming), play Golf and Cricket and enjoy going to gigs and generally getting out of the house, or else I'd been online the whole time.

I'll stop there as it's starting to feel like I'm writing a dating advert, which could result in May's anniversary being cancelled.

Look forward to catching up with you all in game!

Adam (aka Haps)
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The Beast sees all......

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