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Joined: 21st Jan 2014
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26th Feb 2014

Hi Guys,
From recent matches our communication is getting better.
Particularly last night I was playing with Jollins, DaKing, an Agkana and had some great communication going.
However a major downfall is our call outs in game, in reference to map locations.
Last night for example:
“guy just kill me upstairs in that back room bit”
“Just seen a guy behind the door”
This is exactly what we need to be communicating but I could cross reference very little to the map so made this less effective.
Here is a list of callouts for each map that we all need to learn.
If we can get this stuff in our heads, the difference will be night and day.
I will be priniting these off and running through each map in private match to learn these.
Here they are:

Joined: 21st Jan 2014
Rank: Officer
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27th Feb 2014

Great thread. Probably worth adding as a sticky Ash.

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Forum » Ghosts » Gameplay / Tactics Discussions Locked
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