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Patch 28/1
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28th Jan 2014

Patch notes as follows;


  • Killstreak count maintained across rounds in Search and Destroy, Search and Rescue and Blitz.
  • Shorten countdown timer for Clan v Clan playlist.
  • Extinction alien balance adjustments.
New Features

  • PLAYLIST UPDATE: Gun Game replacing Heavy Duty.
  • PLAYLIST UPDATE: Adding Hunted FFA.
  • PLAYLIST UPDATE: Add eSports Rules to Clan v Clan (except friendly fire), and 1-4 persons can join.
  • Added Heavy Duty health options to Private Match.
  • IED damage adjustment based on player stance and IED location (for damage reduction: jump over IEDs below you, go prone for overhead IEDs).
  • Added Operation progress bar to the After Action Report that pops up after MP matches.
  • New MP lobby menu music.
  • Social feed addition.
  • New stick layout options for Southpaw.
  • Disable party chat in Search and Rescue, Search and Destroy and Infected.
  • Added 5 new Prestige Ranks to Extinction.
  • Customization for player appearances (Create a Soldier) added to Extinction.

  • Fixed Sniper animation issue that could break the viewmodel.
  • Load time improvements for Flooded, Strikezone, Warhawk.
  • Fixed a couple bots related performance issues.
  • Fixed loss of functionality issue that would occur when two crates were stacked if player attempted to capture bottom crate.
  • In Private match, disable “Start Match” if party members are missing selected map.
  • Fixed rare case of incorrect bot display amount in Private match.
  • Various spawn improvements.

  • Prevent players from using more loadouts than normal.
  • Block users from sharing camos and reticles that aren’t previously unlocked.
  • Anti-cheat prevention improvements.
Weapon / Perk Balance
  • Dead Silence/Amplify Adjustment - Dead Silence completely silent including equipment, sliding, and footsteps. Amplify users can still hear a scaled down version of the footsteps and sliding sounds.
  • Slight AK12 Increase on view kick.
  • Adjusted reload times on L115 and USR.
  • Reduce burst fire cool down of MSBS.

Additional Fixes

◦Fixed in-game store price to show money instead of Microsoft Points.
◦Fix for potential functionality loss when split screen guest signed out.
◦Adjusted difficulty of slide based operations.
◦Reduced lean, point blank & rescue reticle challenge requirements.
◦Search and Destroy bomb plant and defuse timers no longer wait for the weapon swap before starting.
◦Fixed matchmaking issue in Squads.
◦Display new icon in Operations when re-rolling Operations.
◦Fixed rare cases of losing Sentry Gun killstreak when killed while placing.
◦Menu fix for Operations.
◦Fixed bug that would show improper time value in match countdown timer.
◦Maniac, Juggernaut Recon and the Michael Myers are invisible to tracker and thermal sights.
◦Fixing bug where the playercards in Squad Reports were only updated if you went into the friends list or squad mode first.
◦Defaults loadouts correctly reflect the actual loadout in Private match.
◦Free For All scoreboard adjustment.
◦Fixed Trinity Rocket cancellation issue.
◦MP Lobby improvement for Character Display.
◦Combat Knife stats accuracy improvement.
◦Fixed friends list shuffle that would occur for clans that had members across platforms.
◦Killcam no longer goes underground on Warhawk.
◦Improved audio ambient system in Multiplayer.
◦Fixed Squads issue that would change mode icon when playing with a split screen guest.
◦Fixed core playlist selection reset issue.
◦Private match loadout bug fix.
◦Additional customization options added for Infected in Private match.
◦Improvements to Infected game mode.
◦Optimization to generic UI elements.
◦Fixed issue that could occur when squad member had specialist set as streak reward.
◦Fixed minor VFX issue.
◦Fixed under water killstreak exploit.
◦Increased XP earned from completed Operations.
◦Fixed issue that occurred when leader would leave clan.
◦Fixed Bromance Clan Op issue.
◦Fixed viewmodel loss issue in Safeguard.
◦Fixed rare challenges issue in Safeguard.


◦Fixed issue where some achievements could not be earned when moving from current generation to next generation platforms.
◦Optimized some FX to improve game stability and performance.
◦Fixed Trinity rocket issue where black/white overlay would remain on screen.
◦Fixed Trinity rocket issue where laptop could not be put away.
◦Improvements to the "Leper" challenge so that it appears closer to players.
◦Added "COD Account" selection to the Extinction menu to improve account linking for Extinction players.
◦Fixed bug where the "Death Machine" could obtain specialty ammunition.
◦Fixed issue where players defaulted to pistol after revival.
◦Fixed issue with accepting invites from custom Extinction matches where players would lose menu focus.
◦Fixed issue where double XP was not resetting when going into solo, custom or split screen lobbies.
◦Added a double XP icon to the Extinction lobby for when double XP is active.
◦Fixed trophy issues where players could not plant any more trophies even though it had not been depleted after throwing a hypno-knife.
◦Fixed issue where Feral Instincts would not default back to normal view after it depleted.
◦Added the rank and icon to the Extinction end game scoreboard.
◦Fixed issue where challenge timer would not appear when joining a game while a challenge is active.
◦Fixed issue where Relic bonus was not appearing in the end game scoreboard.
◦Balancing tweaks to the Sentry Gun and Death Machine abilities.
◦Added ranks to the in game splash notification message when a player ranks up.
◦Added player Patches to splash notifications for deployment items.
◦The Riotshield icon now tracks ammo while the shield is stowed.
◦Fixed issue where players would have no weapon on ladders.
◦Fixed issue where players would lose their weapon after getting off a ladder.

I like the changes to dead silence, operations, IEDs and also changes the requirements for lean kills, point blank klills and rescue kills!

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