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What's your best play style / set up
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Joined: 21st Jan 2014
Rank: Officer
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24th Feb 2014

Hi all,

Just thought it'd be interesting to see what natural player types we have in the clan and how you set up your soldiers to support that.  Ultimately, once we learn a bit more about each others stratergies, as and when we group we can naturally fall into certain roles, depending on the game type.

First of all, having seen a couple of threads like this on other forums, I think it's important to stress that despite the rage you often hear, there really isn't a 'bad' playstyle, there are only bad players (bad players = players who don't play the objective, can't adapt to whatever their opponents are doing, don't have a plan B/C/D if it's not working, choose to blame failures on so called 'cheap' tactics rather than their failure to come up with a counter etc).  You get bad players in every playstyle (e.g. the camper who sits in the corner no where near the objective or the rusher who just keeps charging headlong into kill streaks thereby feeding even more streaks etc), so this really isn't meant to be about the merits of each playstyle.

Therefore, if you natural instinct is to play campy, then say so, there will be no judgement from me (or others I'd hope!) as camping or defending is a geninue tactic.

So, my playstyle / preferred set up.

I've always been a careful and methodical player in every game I've ever played and COD is no different.  I prefer to flank and engage my opponents when I am ready, rather than rush in to clear them out.  An ideal gun fight for me is one where I kill my opponent without them ever seeing me, usually at range. 

I don't have a brilliant twitch reactions (but I am accurate) so tend to rely on awareness to make sure the battle happens on my terms.  I rely on sound when opponents are near and always look to move into a position to let them run into me, rather than me chasing / forcing a battle.  This style means whilst I do not necessarily weapon slay quickly, I do build streaks as I do not die often.

My best weapon class is Marksman Rifles.  My favorite for core is the SVU, this is a 2 hit kill at all ranges so you can slap on a silencer with minimal penatly (just lose some 1 shot headshot range).  I also equip the thermal scope.  I use the same attachments but switch to the MR28 on hardcore.

I do not run any secondary, lethal or tactical equipment, preferring to select additional perks instead

As I can build streaks well doing this, I get quite aggressive with my selection.  I run Trinity Rocket / Battlehind / Helo Pilot, which if I get through them all is usually in the region of 15 kills, so is a real slayer loadout.

For perks, Amplify helps me soundwhore and Dead Silence helps me flank.  I always run Focus in Core (swap out for blindeye in Hardcore) as the jolt when aiming with a Marksman rifle without this makes it very tough to land the second shot (for me anyway!).  I also use Incog to try and hide myself when lining up a shot and finally Hardline, just because of the higher streak values I run plus I clip a lot of people at range so get a lot of assists.

Therefore, in objective modes I generally prefer to defend.  I usually seek a spot between the enemy spawn and the objective I'm defending and then killwhore, allowing rushers to get the caps / goals or whatever whilst I just disrupt whatever the oppo try to do.

That's enough for me, how do you guys normally look to play and what tools do you use to support that?
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Joined: 21st Jan 2014
Rank: Commander
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25th Feb 2014

Im usually an AR player.

A typical class for me:

Honey Badger - Grip and Ext Mags
Secondary - None
Lethal - None
Tactical - None

Perks: Sleight of Hand, Marathon, Stalker, Dead Silence, Focus, Sit Rep.

I must say though that Sunday night I changed to a marksman rifle and got my helo pilot every game, giving scores of well over 30 kills and only 2-3 deaths each game so will be using these more!
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Joined: 26th Jan 2014
Rank: LT. Commander
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25th Feb 2014

Very good stuff and a good idea to post this on the forum.. cheers
Well as fror me (where to start) my play style is kind of wreckless lol so the clan name fits me perfectly... i am a runner and gunner very impatient and it sometimes puts me in situations i simply can not win but i can live with that as it doesn't happen often lol
As far as my type of game modes im a HC player (Domination) currently ranked 500) but ill play anything if its required for clan wars.
My favorite gun to use is the M-Trax, iron sight grip and muzzle no secondary, no tactical and my lethal i use an I.E.D i find the I.E.D very useful in Domination easy kills and defend the objective at the same time(doesnt get better than that) lol
perks i use are Ready up, Agility, Dead Silence(recommend this to everyone a must have it makes a world of difference in your game as it doesnt warn your opponents your comming and take them by surprise) and of course Amplify to soundwhore and quickdraw.
I like kill streaks but i love the objective especially HCDOM and you will always see me getting myself in the line of fire to cap the objective if the team needs the points.
I run Assult so i use I.M.S. (same reason as why i use I.E D.) I will alternate between a Torrent and a Battle Hind and last but not least my favorite HELO PILOT!! Lol
You will probably never see me camp/wait in a spot for more than 10 seconds unless im having a smoke in the middle of the game lol
So i think i have covered everything hope you guys enjoy reading it and playing with me and im looking forward to know yall's play style. WRC!!!!
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Joined: 21st Jan 2014
Rank: Officer
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25th Feb 2014

Lately I have been sticking with the AR. My main set up lately has been the maverick, but I have gold in all AR's. I run silencer and grip always. Never a secondary, rarely a tactical unless for an operation. I've been keeping C4 on as it is very useful in many situations and is the best thing you can do in Domination matches (way better than an IED). Perks I have to have are focus, hardline, stalker (I can't stand how slow you move without this on), slight of hand, and I currently have strong arm (you can pitch C4 across the damn map with that perk). I run dog, trinity, and currently vulture but the last depends on my operations at the time. Like Adam I find I play best playing methodically, slowly moving around the edges of the map or patrolling a corner or area. This way I can have more knowledge of where people are and where they are coming from. I find that when I start rushing in, losing focus, or just plain get irritated I start not doing that and playing like potato. Other game modes where KD doesn't matter I am more of a rusher. I run to put myself close to the objective and get it quick. I've capped many points, set many bombs, etc. with that strategy and it works well for me. The main thing is, whenever I change game modes or tactics I have to spend a certain amount of time readjusting my brain to really succeed.
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Forum » Ghosts » Gameplay / Tactics Discussions
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