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February Clan RoundUp
27th Feb 2014 · A5hman 87 · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Hi Guys,

Well another busy month comes to an end, and what a blast its been.

The latest clan war was successful thanks to everybodys hard work, and hopefully we have done enough to get back into platinum division.

Its been a bit of a roller coaster month and has certainly had its ups and downs.

Primarily around the clan war where we had some less cooperative members (and luitenants) who clearly had no interest in taking this clan to the next level which frustrated some when everyone was working so hard.

I am pleased to tell you these guys are no longer on board and will no longer reap rewards for our hard work!

So we have seen a few members go, Merciless,  Piemeans Death, Alien Bob and Z4orty2wo, which is a shame but could not be avoided as they did not want the clan to progress to where we need to.

I see the above as a positive as we now have a stripped back, highly active and focused team and will get to where we need to in the clan wars.

We have seen some new recruits on board who so far have made an excellent contribution to the clan, the 3 that spring to mind immediately are Jollins, Agkana and Daking who are strong, active players.

With the Xbox 360 admins departing we have seen Admunday take the helm along with Obscure Evil.
Admunday is highly active on the forum, clan chat and in game with amazing stats and I believe will be an asset to WRC.

HypocriticalOx is as close to a Vice President as you will get in a clan, highly competent individual who helps me with strategy during the wars, and as a result is now our first officer at WRC.

Pat on the back for everyone at WRC, keep it up guys and get ready for the next war

21st Jan 2014 · A5hman 87 · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Well another Clan War has ended, and what a week its been.

Our first platinum division battle and we well and truly stomped the competition.

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